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Laboratorios Aviar S.A. se destaca desde su origen por su orientación a introducir en el mercado veterinario argentino las primeras drogas genéricas como la TYLOSINA TARTRATO y FOSFATO, OLAQUINDOX, MADURAMICINA , TIAMULINA, CIROMACINA, ENROFLOXACINA DICLAZURIL, TOLTRAZURIL, ABAMECTINA, CEFTIOFUR, y más recientemente el TILMICOSIN.
Its History and the Present time

Laboratorios Aviar S.A it is a familiar company of Argentine capitals. It was founded on 1977 by the Dr Sergio Ohanessian, veterinary doctor with a strong academic preparation and ample experience in health animal, mainly oriented to the Bird-raising health. At the moment company develops its activity in the areas of the cattle ranch, poultry keeping and pigs to him.

The company stands out from its origin by its direction to introduce in the Argentine veterinary market first generic drugs like the TYLOSINA TARTRATE and PHOSPHATE, OLAQUINDOX, MADURAMICINA, TIAMULINA, CIROMACINA, ENROFLOXACINA DICLAZURIL, TOLTRAZURIL, ABAMECTINA, CEFTIOFUR, and more recently the TILMICOSIN. This policy of outpost places to Laboratorios Aviar to the front of the national laboratories of greater protagonism and demarcates the long work of analytical development and stability of the formulation.
On the other hand, to make Aviar maintains all its area of investigation and development in Argentina, which demarcates the commitment that feels the company with the evolution and the development of our country.

The strong belief in the prosperity of the Argentine field, being in addition the same cattle and bird-raising producing company, causes that it knows and perfectly understands the necessities of the field, their production and of its clients.

The laboratory is characterized by the high quality of its products, recognized throughout almost 30 years and by the proximity with the producer, by means of the constant advising in the defense of the health animal.

This in agreement they spent the years, Laboratorios Aviar S.A., was growing by means of the diversification of its line of products and the conquest of new markets until reaching a degree development that today locates it between veterinary medicine the more important laboratories of the country.
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